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ReSe Applications Schläpfer provides Remote Sensing Software that is being used for processing multispectral and hyperspectral images. The sensing of the environment is commonly done by means of airborne or spaceborne systems. Our dedicated software applications enhance the gathered spectral imaging data, applying direct orthorectification (PARGE), atmospheric and topographic correction (ATCOR), as well as allowing for validation and research using Modtran® (MODO). The imaging spectroscopy, or chemical sensing alternatively, serves in the fields of environmental research, geological exploration (mineral spectroscopy), agricultural and forestry industries, airborne reconnaissance, as well as for mapping applications.

by ReSe Applications Schläpfer


Remote Sensing Data Processing

The provided software applications MODO, PARGE, and ATCOR are designed to process remote sensing data derived from devices like Hymap, APEX, AVIRIS, NEO's Hyspex, Specim's AISA, Headwall Photonics Hyperspec, Resonon Pika, Itres' CASI, and more. It builds upon IDL technology to extend remote sensing software packages like ENVI.

MODO: Modtran Organizer Software

... the Modtran®5 and Modtran®4 (Moderate Resolution Atmospheric Transmission Model) radiative transfer codes included in a user interface for remote sensing, spectroscopy, and atmospheric radiation research.

PARGE: Parametric Geocoding Software

... the highly flexible parametric orthorectification and geocoding environment for airborne imaging spectrometry and remote sensing scanner data.

ATCOR: Atmospheric Correction Software

... the atmospheric and only (!) topographic correction packages for wide field-of-view (FOV) airborne multispectral and hyperspectral remote sensing scanners and satellites imagery.


The MODTRAN® trademark is being used with the express permission of the owner, the United States of America, as represented by the United States Air Force. For use outside of the US, the trademark is being used with the express permission of the owner, Spectral Sciences, Inc.

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